Translation service and consulting for Company

Business Translation and
Interpreting service in all languages

Millenium Language School & Academy deals with consulting and development of small and big translation projects, from the feasibility study to the final delivery.

Translation service is no longer a problem

Turn key translation project service

traduzioni professionali da e verso tutte le lingue

All the languages

Professional translation from and into all languages

Translation and Proofreading
All languages <> English All languages <> All languages Only professional Mother Tongue translators
On time delivery
Each project is analyzed in detail by PM, and the team of linguists chosen based on their mother tongue and experience in that specific field of knowledge. Translations in up to 6 hours.

Translation areas

Simple and Sworn translations

Millenium Language School supports company with simple and sworn translation and proofreading in all subject matters:

We also provide sworn translation and legalization at Italian courts and turnkey service to prepare.

Interpreting services

Language services for trade fairs and events

Millenium provides Language services for trade fairs and events:
All our interpreters are certified and native speakers.
TRADUZIONI_assistenza in fiera
Millenium Language School

Enterprise portal for Company personnel training

MyMillenium is the management and delivery portal that both students and HR training representatives can access to take the initial test, consult a report, download material created by the teacher, check attendance and absences and much more besides. In addition, the dedicated Millenium Language secretariat supports the customer’s training office in all the planning and coordination phases.