Your tailor-made platform

MyMillenium: Enterprise portal for Company personnel training

MyMillenium is the management and delivery portal that both students and HR training representatives can access to get all the information about courses. MyMillenium is a tailor-made portal that gives support to students and companies during training plans, from needs analysis up to final test.



Millenium Language School

MyMillenium: the Enterprise portal for Company personnel training

MyMillenium consists of two main cores:
  • E-Learning Area: dedicated to asynchronous and interactive students’ courses
  • Interactive Dashboard: dedicated to HR & Learning Representatives, made up to let them effectively manage training plans.
Behind MyMillenium stands our Team that never leaves you alone, giving you best support in any training phase, starting with needs analysis phase up to final budgeting. Not just a platform, but real people!

MyMillenium E-learning

MYMILLENIUM_area elearning

Your e-learning course

MyMillenium e-learning area

Thanks to your tailor-made e-learning area your course will be easy to take, straightforward and well-structured for all levels.

  • Book and manage your remote class with your Mother tongue teacher
  • Access your personal tailor-made area
  • Watch the asynchronous tailor-made videolessons linked to online exercises

Practice with Pearson multimedia content

Business Oriented

Access MyMillenium e-learning area and try your tailor-made content: practice your suitable to your level and needs exercises. Your teacher will always be at your side!
  • Practice with your tailor-made platform
  • Download your eBook to review grammar and syntax
  • Get practice with 80.000 activities for all language skills, Pearson guaranteed
  • Go deeper into your needs with customized content uploaded by your teacher
MYMILLENIUM_Business oriented elearning

MyMillenium Dashboard

Always by Enterprise side

The Portal for
Company training

MyMillenium empowers our Clients to:
  • manage personnel’s assessment test and NA
  • check attendance and absences for all classes WW
  • check every single lesson schedule
  • download past courses record for each student
  • review class reservations
  • download students’ digital certification of attendance
MYMILLENIUM_dashboard aziende

Manage your course in real time

MyMillenium let you
(as a student):

MyMillenium allows students to:
  • book your class in real time
  • access your personal e-learning area
  • report on course progress and timing
  • check your upgrades in every skill
  • download teacher’s tailor-made content
  • download digital certification of attendance
MYMILLENIUM_dashboard studenti

Manage and take control of your training costs by MyMillenium

The most advanced analytical tools (Qlik) for your training plans

Our team is by Client’s side providing every tool to:

  • analyze training costs and results
  • track students’ attendance and participation
  • check students’ progress
  • evaluate training satisfaction survey
  • measure training effectiveness