European Certification
language courses

Do you have to certify your linguistic competencies? Looking to get ready for FIRST, DELF HSK Certification exams? Millenium Language School prepares for examination with certified mother tongue teachers.

Certification language courses

Certification for all languages

Prepare your Certification exam with certified teachers

European Certification exams courses

Millenium Language School leads up to final exams with mother tongue and certified teachers.
We take care of enrolment process all around Italian examination centers.
Online distance learning with your own teacher who takes lessons starting with entry test to final test.
A deep written and oral entry test with your certified trainers will be useful to evaluate length and cost of your training.

Certified mock test to evaluate student skills leads you through the whole course. You will be registered only when teacher is sure you can pass the exam.

Mother tongue certified teachers prepare you to the final exam.

Do you have to certify your linguistic competencies?

Contact us to make Pearson or Cambridge test

Make online test and take your Pearson or Cambridge certificate of level.

Do you have to certify your Business linguistic competencies?

BEC Preliminary Vantage and Higher Certification exams courses

Certified mother tongue Teachers with deep Business background will monitor your progress until the final exam.
Millenium Language School

Enterprise portal for Company personnel training

MyMillenium is the management and delivery portal that both students and HR training representatives can access to take the initial test, consult a report, download material created by the teacher, check attendance and absences and much more besides. In addition, the dedicated Millenium Language secretariat supports the customer’s training office in all the planning and coordination phases.